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• Get reminders before your next period time.

• Notifications for your period, fertile and ovulation days.

• Analyze your current and past cycles with the menstrual tracker.

• Detailed health reports to keep track of your period.


• Update some topics about period and pregnancy everyday.

• Discuss different problems with people around world.

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in Cherry discussion this week

NO.1 How do I increase my chances of getting pregnant?

NO.2 I want to make friends. Do you want to know beautiful girls?

NO.3 What is your breakup story?

NO.4 Early pregnancy symptoms.

NO.5 How to relieve period cramps ?


What is your breakup story?

  • Lvan.Le: He cheated on me and we were going to get married. we lived far away from each other and so I dumped him for someone else.

  • meling: He used to hit me, then I met someone, who treated me right and cared for me.

  • Maj_bo: Your stories have all encouraged and given me strength. My ex changed my life a lot. but I’m getting my old self back again.

  • yu.uhiy: We had no communication things were really bad for years.

  • kk: We love each other for two years, his parents disagree, he gives up on me very easily.

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